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There are many online movie and TV series streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, SlingTV and Amazon Prime where you can watch and download movies and TV Shows, but they are not free. Here you can watch and enjoy free the latest movies and TV series on Putlocker / Putlockers website.

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Even though Putlockers is fully free not all people have access to Putlocker. From some countries, you might not be able to access the website. In that case, you can change your IP address and try again. There are many other websites like Putlocker that are fully free to use but still, Putlocker remains one of the best websites over the years 2021. 

So what makes Putlocker the best among so many? The answer is the amazing collection of movies and TV series that Putlocker has on their website. Many users also appreciate the amazing search feature that Putlocker offers to its users. The website has an amazing speed that satisfies the need of all the impatient movie lovers who want to start streaming a movie instantly. 

Putlocker knows how important it is to have all the latest movies in their collection. They regularly update their movie collection which helped them retain the top spot for so many years. Putlocker9 became a good choice for people who don’t want to pay the monthly subscription fees of Netflix or other platforms. 

Safe Measures Before Browsing Putlocker

Putlocker is not a regular website where you can just visit and start downloading movies. There are some steps you need to do first to make sure your privacy and device are safe. The website is crawling with malware and many hackers are trying to steal your information when you visit the website. 

The question is what you can do to keep yourself safe? The first thing that you would need to do is use a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network that masks your IP address. An IP address is a unique identifier that is provided by your ISP. When a hacker gets your IP address it becomes really easy for them to hack into your system. 

When you use a VPN even your ISP can’t detect which websites you are browsing and the hackers won’t get your real IP address. It saves you from being hacked and also gives anonymity to you. There are both paid and free VPN that you can get on the internet. 

You should also use anti-virus software to protect your device from any malware attacks. The websites have a lot of malware that can harm your laptop or your mobile device as well. You can get many free anti-viruses on the internet. 

You can access the website after getting a VPN and an Anti-virus safely. You can easily find the movie or the TV series you are looking for by using the search bar. You can also use filters to narrow down the search or if you are not sure what you are looking for. 

Is It Legal To Use Putlocker?

If you search for Putlocker in Google you would see there are many URL or domain names of Putlocker with slight variation. This is because Putlocker uses various proxies so users can get access to their website. Proxies are URLs that are used to mask the real domain names of any website. 

Putlocker has to use proxies because their main website was banned by the UK because of a court order that was passed in 2016. The government can’t ban all the proxies because they belong to different countries which the government of the UK has no control over. 

You could now understand that Putlocker is not legal in most countries like the USA and the UK as it directly shows content that is copyright protected. It might be in the gray area in some countries but in most countries, it can get you in trouble if you get caught using the website. 

Another reason to use a VPN other than the safety of getting hacked and losing your info is to not get caught by the authorities. We strictly would advise you to use Putlocker at your own risk and certainly to take necessary precautions before you use it. 

What Makes Putlocker Better Than Others?

Putlocker managed to get users even though many new similar websites launched over the years which provide the same facilities to users. But, how did Putlocker manage to attain their customers and secure one of the top positions?

It won’t be a fair comparison to put Putlocker against paid subscriptions like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon prime since all of them are paid subscriptions. One of the major reasons behind the success of Putlocker is that they put new content out there for their audience regularly. 

Putlocker has a vast collection of content that most platforms can’t match up to making Putlocker one of the most demandable free online movie and TV series streaming platforms. The website is built keeping in mind the comfort of the audience. One would find it very easy to browse Putlocker and find movies and TV series to watch. 

The speed on Putlocker makes it very easy to watch movies by streaming. Not most websites can offer that which makes Putlocker one of the favorite choices for many audiences. For all these factors Putlocker managed to stay on top of their competition and why you should pick Putlocker instead of their competitors. 

Alternatives Of Putlocker

There are some alternatives to Putlocker that you should know about. They can be useful in case you can’t find a movie in Putlocker or you can’t access Putlocker. 


123 Movies is also a very popular website that offers free online movie streaming like Putlocker. You can also download movies from 123movies. The website is very easy to use and also has a good collection of movies. You can get many high-quality movies from this website as well. 


If you search for free online movie streaming platforms the name of Fmovies will also pop up. It has an amazing user interface which makes it very easy for users to navigate the website. It is also very fast and provides a smooth streaming experience to its users. Everyday users from all over the world visit this website. 


You don’t need to register to watch movies in Solarmovies. They keep their website updated and you can find many newly released movies as well on their website. It is very popular and also the favorite choice for many movie lovers. If you are looking for an alternative to Solarmovie you can check it out. 


Putlocker is something you can look into if you want to have an amazing movie-watching experience for free. But, before you do so make sure you are well informed about the website and know everything you need to do to keep your device safe. 

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